Extremely Rare Quarto Edition in Royal Binding for Louis XIII
BEAUFORT, J. de. Trésor des Trésors de France. vollé à la Couronne par les incogneuës faussetez, artifices & suppositions commises par les principaux officiers de finance/ Descouvert ey présenté au Roy Louis XIII. en l'assamblé de ses États généraux tenus à Paris l'an 1615. Par Iean de Beafort parisien. Avec les moyens d'en retirer plusiers millions d'or, & soulager son peuple à 'advenir. [Paris?] , 1615.
First edition, in the extremely rare quarto format. [2], 140 (misnumbered 144) 28, 3, [1]pp.

This is the copy dedicated to King Louis XIII and specially bound for him in full vellum entirely covered with gilt stamped fleurs-de-lys on both covers, with a gilt heart within a larger central fleur-de-lys, triple fillet gilt borders, gilt floral corner ornaments, and fleurs-de-lys on spine. This copy entirely "fleur-de-lysée." Housed in a custom brown calf clamshell, stamped with fleurs-de-lys on front and back, gilt-stamped on spine.

Of these special bindings, only very few are known, and were released from the library because they were duplicates; sometimes books were offered to and bound for not only the King but also the Queen. We know of two other books in similar bindings: a copy of Grotius in the University Library in Amsterdam and a copy of Montchrétien's Traitté de l'économie politique in the Waseda University Library in Tokyo.

"Pamphlet terrible par les précisions qu'il apporte" (Bourgeois & André). Beaufort had denounced three senior officials of the royal treasury – Garrault, Du Tremblay, and Puget – to the King, Henry IV, on the charge that they had embezzled half a million écus by issuing false receipts. The three were prosecuted in 1607 but were granted amnesty at the accession of Louis XIII. Beaufort used the meeting of the Estates-General in 1614 to re-launch his campaign.

Henry IV of Navarre was King of France from 1589-1610; his son Louis XIII was King of France from 1610-1643.

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HBS # 66471 $20,000