Original Pen and Ink From "Blackie's Children's Annual"
APPLETON, Honor C. Original Pen and Ink From "Blackie's Children's Annual". , Array.
Original Pen and Ink from "Blackie's Children's Annual". [Glasgow: 1918]. Page 177 from "Blackie's Children's Annual," "Chrissie's Christmastide." Titled "When tea was over they had games." Picture depicts three young children, holding hands and what looks like to be skipping. (Measures 5 x 8 3/4 inches; 17 x 13 1/4 framed).

Honor Charlotte Appleton (1879-1951). Trained at the Royal Academy Schools in London and Frank Calderon's School of Amazing Painting, Appleton worked in delicate watercolors, pen and wash, and black and white pen illustrations. She produced more than 150 books for children but also illustrated William Blake's Songs of Innocence. Her best known books are probably the "Josephine" books by Mrs. H.C. Cradock, in which Appleton used her famous 'child's perspective' of floor level illustrations. Her work was widely exhibited in British art galleries, including the prestigious Royal Academy.

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