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George IV Document On the Same Day of His Coronation
GEORGE IV, King of England. George IV Document. , 1821.
Document states that Mayor General Christopher Jefferson is now a Lieutenant in the army. Signed by Wellington and three other Lords. Affixed with 2 seals on the left hand side. One is a red circular wax seal and the other is a blue paper seal. Written on vellum, three creases from folds. (Measures 390 x 300 mm; 580 x 500 framed). Beautifully matted and framed.

"George the Fourth by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and, Ireland; King, Defender of the Faith & Trusty and well Beloved Mayor General Christopher Jefferson. Greeting: We reposing special Trust and Confidence in your Loyalty, Courage, and good Conduct Do by these Presents, constitute and appoint You to be Lieutenant General in Our Army {and?] to take Rank from 19th July, 1821 and We do, hereby give and Grant you Full Power and Authority to Command and take your Rank accordingly; You are therefore carefully and diligently to discharge the duty of Lieutenant General by doing and performing all and all manner of Things thereunto belonging. And We do hereby, Command All Our Officers and Soldiers ,whom it may Concern to acknowledge and obey You as a Lieutenant General as aforesaid: And You are to observe and follow such Orders and Directions, from time to time, as You shall receive from Us, or any Your superior Officer according to the Rules and Discipline of War, in pursuance of the Trust We herby repose in you. Given at the Thirteenth Day of October, 1821. In the Year of our Reign. By (His Majesty crossed out) Command, of the Lord Justices, in the name of His Majesty William Hamilton"

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