A Rare First Edition of Herrey's "Concordances"
BIBLE IN ENGLISH. Tvvo right profitable and fruitfull concordances, or large and ample tables alphabeticall. The first contayning the interpretation of the Hebrue, Caldean, Greeke, and Latine wordes and names scateringly dispersed throughout the whole Bible, with their common places following euery of them: and the second comprehending all such other principall words and matters, as concerne the sense and meaning of the Scriptures, or direct vnto any necessarie and good instruction. The further contents and vse of both the which tables, (for breuitie sake) is expressed more a large in the preface to the reader. Collected by R.F.H. London: Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes Maiestie. , [1580].
First Edition. One of two issues of the same year, priority unknow. Our year based upon the issue points as shown by the British Library: "with The "A" of signature mark "A4" under the "t" of "the"" ESTC S125409. Quarto (9 1/4 x 7 1/4 inches; 236 x 185 mm). [92 leaves]. A8-L8, M4. With preface signed "Thine in the Lord, Robart F. Herrey" and dated "xxii of December. An. Domini. 1578." We could find no other complete copies of this first edition of "Concordance" at auction in the past 50 years.

Although this comes separately, The Herrey "Concordance" is generally found issued with a Barker Geneva Bible starting with the date 1580. There were several printings of this "Concordance" starting in 1580 and going into the next decade, however only the present copy and one other printing were issued with the two versions of the Barker Bibles of 1580. Present copy with Signatures: A-L? M? and with The "A" of signature mark "A4" under the "t" of "the". This version was issued with the 1580 Bible, Darlow & Moule 123. Another version of the same year with Signatures: A-C? D-V? was issued with the 1580 Bible Darlow & Moule 124.

Bound separately in modern full brown morocco. Covers ruled in triple blind and with a central "Cross" devise in blind on both covers. Newer endpapers. Some occasional ink small hand marginalia. Edges of leaves a bit frayed. A stain to bottom margin of leaves H2-H3. A paper repair to bottom margin of final leaf, M4 not affecting text. Overall very good.

According to Herbert and Darlow & Moule " The Concordances, which form an essential part of the volume [of the Bible], were compiled by Robart F. Herrey, who is identified with Robert Harrison, the Norfolk Brownist 9d. 1585?)"

Darlow & Moule 123. ESTC S125409 . Herbert 165. STC 13228b.1 .

HBS # 68068 $2,850