Carte-de-Visite Album of 30 Union Civil War Generals, Including Ulysses S. Grant
CIVIL WAR. Carte-de-Visite Album of 30 Union Civil War Generals. United States: Mathew Brady, et al. , 1861.
Small octavo album containing 30 individual carte-de-visites of Union generals in the Civil War. (5 3/4 x 4 1/2 inches; 140 x 110 mm). Each mounted within a decorative stiff card frame with gilt border. With 15 leaves and each leaf has a slot for two photographs. Most photos with a publisher’s imprint on the back and the name of the general also penciled on the back. Album is contemporary embossed Morocco with two brass clasps. One clasp is broken. Gilt dentelles. Some pages have been reattached at margin, but all are present. Some chipping and wear to head and tale of the spine, but overall very good. A very nice assemblage of vintage photographs of officers from the Union.

The carte-de-visites are as follows, with a note on their publisher and condition (if other than very good):

1. Winfield Scott (D. Appleton). 2. George McClellan (Charles Taber) 3. Ambrose Burnside (Appleton). 4. Michael Corcoran (E. Anthony?). 5. Silas Casey (Charles D. Fredricks). 6. Nathaniel Banks (Appleton). Slightly faded. 7. Ulysses S. Grant (E. Anthony). 8. Henry Halleck (Appleton). 9. Ethan A. Hitchcock (Appleton). 10. Nathaniel Lyon (Appleton). 11. John Pope (E. Anthony from Brady's National Portrait Gallery). 12. Franz Siegel (Appleton) Faded. 13. Robert Anderson (Appleton). Bottom of mount chipped. 14. John Wool (Appleton). 15. William Sprague (Charles D. Fredricks). 16. Group photo of 12 generals (Unknown maker). Faded. 17. Max Weber (Appleton). 18. Frederick W. Lander (Appleton). Lightly faded. 19. Jesse L. Reno (Unknown maker). 20. James Shields (Appleton). 21. Unknown sitter (Beers & Mansfield written on back). 22. Winfield Scott Hancock (E. Anthony for Matthew Brady). 23. Thomas Francis Meagher (Appleton) Bottom of mount chipped. 24. Henry Washington Benham (E. Anthony for Matthew Brady). 25. George Meade (E & H.T. Anthony for Matthew Brady). 26. Egbert Ludovicus Viele (Appleton). 27. Adam J. Slemmer (Appleton). 28. Daniel Butterfield (E. Anthony for Matthew Brady). 29.Charles D. Jameson (E. Anthony for Matthew Brady).Red mark at bottom of photo on mount. 30. Edwin Vose Sumner (Charles D. Fredricks).

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